What To Put Behind My PRR Heritage Loco

Posted by on January 29, 2018 .

A customer who just purchased a ES44AC NS | PRR Heritage loco asked us what would be good to put behind the loco for a prototypical look. Great question, and I wanted to share my response back to him. This is really just a quick response, but you have to start someplace!

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Thank you for your purchase tonight with us at US Z Scale. I'd like to take a start at answering your question regarding what to put behind your NS Heritage PRR loco. First, here's a bit of a history of these Heritage units:

From this we can say that it makes sense to use cars that would have been running in 1992 to present. Here's another link to NS Heritage units:

One thing you'll often see is a black NS loco teamed up with this PRR Heritage loco:

Now AZL has not made an AC44AC in this black NS paint, but there are other locos that I think would work well as a substitute:


On NS Heritage freight, tank cars seem to be really popular, here are some examples:






From these photos it looks to be lots of tank cars, like these from our store:

Now I'm not 100% sure these are funnel flow cars, but they do appear to be, or a close variant.


Intermodal cars are another good choice:


I promise, I'm not looking to bury you in options, but once you start image hunting... it becomes addictive! I try to take a step-by-step approach to this, it’s almost like a bit of photo archeology… finding the year the loco was built is the starting point.

Of course too there are always wildcards… lots on them in railroading. Locos and freight that seem seems out of place can actually be prototypically accurate. Google image searches are your best resource as a starting point. Sort of like treasure hunting!

John Cubbin, US Z Scale

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