News: GE P42 Locomotive And Superliner Cars

Posted by on November 04, 2015 .

On Tuesday, November 3rd, AZL announced their upcoming GE P42 locomotive and Superliner cars in a variety of phases and paint... very exciting stuff! These are officially in pre-order status. Here at US ZSCALE we’ve decided not to take pre-orders from our customers because we don’t have hard release dates or prices and frankly, we’re just not comfortable taking pre-orders in general as we feel there are too many variables. Are all models going to be released at once, over the course of months… at this point nobody knows.

As always, here at US ZSCALE, when these are released we’ll have them available for sale at our discounted prices just as soon as the physical models are on our desk. At this point it looks like these models, either some or all, will be available beginning in December, 2015.

We’re really looking forward to this release, both owning them for ourselves and sharing them with our customers, but for the moment we feel it makes more sense to only offer the products we can ship immediately.

Here are the models announced by AZL… it’s a healthy list:

GE P42 Genesis Locomotives:

63500-1 Amtrak GE P42 Genesis 22 Phase III
63500-2 Amtrak GE P42 Genesis 28 Phase III
63500-3 Amtrak GE P42 Genesis 37 Phase III
63500-4 Amtrak GE P42 Genesis 41 Phase III
63501-1 Amtrak GE P42 Genesis 5 Phase IV
63501-2 Amtrak GE P42 Genesis 23 Phase IV
63501-3 Amtrak GE P42 Genesis 26 Phase IV
63501-4 Amtrak GE P42 Genesis 37 Phase IV
63501-5 Amtrak GE P42 Genesis 104 Phase IV NEC
63501-6 Amtrak GE P42 Genesis 107 Phase IV NEC
63502-1 Amtrak GE P42 Genesis 18 Phase V
63502-2 Amtrak GE P42 Genesis 44 Phase V
63502-3 Amtrak GE P42 Genesis 76 Phase V
63502-4 Amtrak GE P42 Genesis 92 Phase V
63502-5 Amtrak GE P42 Genesis 818 Phase V
63502-6 Amtrak GE P42 Genesis 835 Phase V
63503-1 New Haven GE P42 Genesis 228 New Haven
63503-2 New Haven GE P42 Genesis 229 New Haven
63504-1 VIA GE P42 Genesis 904 Shades of Green
63504-2 VIA GE P42 Genesis 905 Shades of Green
63504-3 VIA GE P42 Genesis 910 Shades of Green
63505-1 NJT GE P42 Genesis 4800 NJT
63505-2 NJT GE P42 Genesis 4801 NJT
63506-1 Metro North GE P42 Genesis 203 Grey
63506-2 Metro North GE P42 Genesis 208 Grey
63507-1 Amtrak GE P42 Genesis 156 Phase I Heritage
63508-1 Amtrak GE P42 Genesis 66 Phase II Heritage
63509-1 Amtrak GE P42 Genesis 145 Phase III Heritage

72001-1 Amtrak Superliner I Coach 34022 Phase III
72001-2 Amtrak Superliner I Coach 34075 Phase III
72002-1 Amtrak Superliner I Sleeper 32058 Phase III
72002-2 Amtrak Superliner I Sleeper 32063 Phase III
72003-1 Amtrak Superliner I Diner 38007 Phase III
72004-1 Amtrak Superliner I Lounge 33014 Phase III
72005-1 Amtrak Superliner I Coach 34084 Phase IV b
72005-2 Amtrak Superliner I Coach 34092 Phase IV b
72005-3 Amtrak Superliner I Coach 34005 Phase IV b
72006-1 Amtrak Superliner I Sleeper 32025 Phase IV b
72006-2 Amtrak Superliner I Sleeper 32006 Phase IV b
72006-3 Amtrak Superliner I Sleeper 32055 Phase IV b
72007-1 Amtrak Superliner I Diner 38021 Phase IV b
72008-1 Amtrak Superliner I Lounge 33019 Phase IV b
72050-1 Amtrak Superliner 4 pack Sleeper 32017, Lounge 33002, Coach 34010, Coach 34034 Phase III
72051-1 Amtrak Superliner 4 pack Sleeper 32069, Diner 33018, Coach 34001, Coach 34086 Phase III
72052-1 Amtrak Superliner 4 pack Sleeper 32050, Lounge 33023, Coach 34056, Coach 34064 Phase IV b
72052-2 Amtrak Superliner 4 pack Sleeper 32067, Lounge 33004, Coach 34014, Coach 34027 Phase IV b
72053-1 Amtrak Superliner 4 pack Sleeper 32038, Diner 38004, Coach 34073, Coach 34099 Phase IV b
72053-2 Amtrak Superliner 4 pack Sleeper 32007, Diner 38016, Coach 34004, Coach 34039 Phase IV b

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