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Welcome to US | ZSCALE

With the exciting changes in Z scale model railroading and the new models being introduced by American Z Line, we thought this was a terrific time to open our new store, US | ZSCALE. We’ll be bringing you some of the best AZL pricing online and snappy customer service too!

You may already be familiar with our Z scale work and history from our other websites: Raildig ( and the Raildig Store ( To say we love Z scale would be a bit of an understatement!

On this site, we'll be focusing primarily on AZL products; current stock as well as the upcoming new releases. By doing this we can keep our prices low! On our other sales site, the Raildig Store (, we'll be featuring original designs and accessories for Z scale, as well as for the larger scales. Original cast gypsum and resin accessories to accentuate your work.

You put a lot of time and effort into your model railroading and we’d like to be there to help with great pricing on trains and original scenic accessories to highlight your layout. We invite you to visit our sites, ask questions, share your ideas and most of all... have a great time with model railroading!

John Cubbin

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